Energy Efficient Windows


True Window and Glass Centre energy efficient windows help keep you warm while reducing your heating bills, using a Low E glass to reflect and retain the warmth that is usually lost through a conventional glazed window back into the room.  

As a result the window’s ability to insulate is increased meaning living conditions become more comfortable the whole year round. Plus our units come fitted with Edgetec Super Spacer as standard which helps substantially reduce condensation on the inside of the glass window giving an improvement in thermal performance over and above that of a standard sealed unit. 

Do I need to replace the complete window frames?

We can upgrade your existing windows by replacing just the DGU’s (double glazed units) saving the cost of new frames. TWG have many years of experience in the double glazing repair business and removing and replacing DGU’s is something we do everyday.

Do all window companies make these new units?

TWG manufacture Smart Warmer Windows at our Lincoln based HQ – specialised equipment is needed and not all window manufacturers have these facilities.

 What about My Conservatory?

TWG believe conservatories will benefit from our new energy efficient windows as they help reflect the heat back into the room and reduce condensation on the inside window pane  (although you may still notice condensation on the outside of the window). In summer the better insulation will help bounce the heat from suns rays off the windows. And if you are thinking of upgrading an existing conservatory with a glass roof you should consider the benefits of our energy efficient units.

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Energy Efficient Windows